Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Mexico State Fair

We hit the State Fair this year with an agenda - we had to check certain requirements off a list  to earn a brownie badge. First off, the kids pavillon.
Next, we visited the Hispanic Art exhibit followed by the Flying K9 dog show (big hit). As fun as the dogs were, it made me sad that Hogan's jumping days were well behind him (not that he could ever jump this high). The brown dog in this photo is a mix between a coyote & a dingo! 
Trying fair food was a requirement {I promise!} - but we have old school kids. Popcorn was the group fave.
It was hot, hot, hot. Unlike my memories of the State Fair as a child, now, it's all about the midway. We didn't see any animals this year (it was the last day & the animals might have been gone), but we got our money worth out of the ride wrist bands. Of course, with overpriced rides, it doesn't take long. The fact that Charlie & Greta rode the big slide 10 times (at what would have been $3 a pop each) more than covered the investment.
The carousel was the only ride that they didn't make adults pay to chaperone. But, it made us dizzy, so we only took 1 ride!
After a few rides, we had to divide the kids by height. 

Out of sight, Charlie & Greta had a ball on the younger rides.  The kids were exhausted & filthy by the end of the day! Next year, we need to save a weekend for a night visit when it will be {hopefully} a bit cooler.

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