Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Boy & His Dog

SPECIMEN A: at the suggestion of a change in activity, expect whines, moans, nasty stares & false complaints of unspecific pains.
The good news is, once we endure the moans and groans, his disposition usually improves once we arrive at our destination.

SPECIMEN B: when sensing I'm not paying enough attention to him, expect whines, moans, nasty stares & false complaints of hunger.

However, once HE arrives at his destination, expect ennui & inactivity (click on photo to read his report card). Our old dog is coming down off an excellent steroids high. He wasn't content to stay in the Old Dog's Lounge at the kennel this weekend. They said he barked until they released him to the general population. Once outside, he refused to play with the other dogs & just sat like a {happy} bump on a  log.

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