Monday, October 03, 2011

Happiest Room On Earth

Grandma & Grandpa came to town this weekend. They delivered some very good news. We are spending Thanksgiving in Disney World this year. Nick & I have been busy planning this for a few months & we were so excited for the grandparents to share the news. Nick put the Disney vaction planning DVD in, Grandma gave the kids Disney T-shirts and autograph books and then explained what was going on.
I said we would probably have to eat turkey for Christmas since we won't be eating it for Thanksgiving this year. Ella said that was fine because this trip will be way better than turkey.
We went to Disney for Thanksgiving once when I was growing up. I remember the park being empty. We rode Space Mountain several times in a row. It's not like that anymore. Thanksgiving is now one of the busiest times to visit Disney World. Thank goodness there are so many businesses ready to help you plan a route that goes against the crowds. It's a bit overwhelming to plan a multi-day Disney trip. Over the next six weeks, I will post some of the tips that I have learned so far.

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