Monday, December 05, 2011

Hollywood Studios At Night

One of the best parts of our hotel was the location. It was a 20 minute walk or boat ride to Hollywood Studios. After a lovely swim & quick & easy dinner, we waited for the boat.
We didn't visit the Disney Board Walk at night on this visit, but it's on the short list for our next visit.
Disney Boardwalk
We had a clear plan for our return to DHS - Rock-n-Rollercoaster & Tower of Terror. Nick & Ella tested Tower of Terror & assured us that the twins would love the ride. It's a free fall elevator drop (my recurring nightmare) so I wasn't terribly excited to try it out. But, Nick & Ella were right. It was an extremely popular ride with our family! I think the twins & I rode it 8 times this evening while Ella & Nick tried to ride Rock & Rollercoaster two more times.
Osborne Lights
A few minutes before closing, we got in line for Toy Story Mania again. I liked the ride/video game even if the ride is far too short. We finished the ride about 10 minutes after the park officially closed & we headed to check out the Osborne Family Lights.
Osborne Lights
My pictures don't come close to capturing the magic/tackiness of this light display!
Osborne Lights
At regular intervals, the lights 'dance' to music & snow falls. It was truly a magical & beautiful way to kick off the holiday season.
Osborne Lights
After an enjoyable stroll, we headed to the boat dock & went back to our hotel.

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shauna said...

These photos are magnificent Krista! The holiday lights are magical. Love the photo of Charlie!