Thursday, December 15, 2011

On My Mind

Art projects.  
We've got a couple in the works that we need to finish up this weekend.
Good books.
A few months ago, I put several of the "most anticipated" fall books on Amazon's hot list on hold at the library. I am loving Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It's the first book in a long time that I think about trying to find more time to read. If you decide to read it, don't read the bad reviews on Amazon. Now, I'm questioning why I'm enjoying the book.
Markle the Elf on the Shelf.
December mornings start with Ella's alarm clock blaring. Then, lights sequentially turn on as she races through the house trying to find Markle. We hear either a jubilant "GUYS, GET UP QUICK! I FOUND MARKLE!" or a desperate "Mom, are you awake, I don't think Markle is in the house."

Christmas programs.
Charlie & Greta's Spanish Club sang songs last week. It was pretty darn cute. Before the show, Greta kept telling me she was so nervous. We had two little hams on stage. We took some not so great video from the back of the cafeteria that I'll share.
Christmas gifts.
The kids spent the weekend decorating cardboard boxes. It's the same struggle each year. How do I avoid buying the kids gifts that are never played with? My shopping has been tremendously scaled back this year and I am this close to saving our recycling & letting the kids open that on Christmas morning. They play with leftover boxes & trash longer than any toy they've asked for over the last few years.
Christmas Traditions.
Ella needs to bring a food to school tomorrow that represents a tradition in our home. She choose peppermint bark - something my sister & I have made for neighbor gifts for the last few years. I would not have thought about this chocolate melting as a family tradition.  But, we've done it enough that in her few years, Ella associates this activity with Christmas. And that my friends is how new traditions are born.

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