Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello again.

Greetings 2012. Where did you come from? It's been a busy few weeks. Here's a little of what's been keeping us busy.

Art Projects:
handprint snowman.  The girls are mid-way through a super cute butterfly project.

Massaging Kale:
I've been trying to duplicate a fabulous kale salad I ate last year. While the flavors were right, I couldn't get the texture correct. To me, raw kale has a decidedly cardboard texture & it's hard to eat much of it. Then, I discovered this recipe and accompanying video. DELICIOUS!

Progressive Dinner Parties:
We hosted a progressive dinner/game night in early December with two other families (appetizers, main course, dessert each at a different home). It was a very fun night. 
Our neighborhood had a community New Year's Eve progressive party between 7:30-midnight. Each hour, we went to a new house. The kids were in heaven, the parents didn't need babysitters and no one had to be out on the road. Such a nice way to spend time with our neighbors. First time we all made it to midnight!

Toasting in the New Year:
Nick is very hard to buy for. Last year, we tried to be creative. The kids & I came up with THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE special memories with Nick. We printed them out on a little strips of paper & put them in a huge jar. We thought starting each day with a family memory would put a smile on his face. He opened 10 last year.  
So, this year we got creative. Nick & Uncle K both got bottles of the cabbage patch kid of bourbon - 15 and 20 year old bottles of Pappy Van Winkle. I guarantee he won't have any bourbon leftover by this time next year (and no, it's not how he starts each day).

Nick is committed to a half marathon in April. The twins were able to join Ella at the running club at school & I've been obsessed with a barre studio that my sister & I tried while she was in town over the holidays. We will try to resist the urge to include bathing suit photos in our 2012 Christmas card.

Ella surpassed her goal of reading 1000 minutes over Winter Break. We've got an ice cream celebration planned for this weekend. I finished several interesting books lately:

The Marriage Plot - liked it a lot more than Middlesex (though apparently Amazon reviewers disagree).

Back Spin - Mom's favorite author for vacations

The Little House - Gregory is a well established historical fiction writer. This was very different & intriguing. (book club selection)

Hypnotist - touted as being in the same vein as the Dragon Tattoo series, I found this book a little creepy.

Dovekeepers - in the middle of this right now, but I look forward to my nightly reading time with Ella so that I progress a little more.

Litigators - typical Grisham, but this one hit a little too close to home. I think I developed an ulcer reading it.

The kids created their super-cute 2012 resolutions. Ella wrote that she wants to get better at taking testes spelling. Greta wants to get better at coloring.  Charlie wants to hit a home run in T-ball (game rules may make this a little tricky). Nick & I have a little catching up to do with the kids.


It's the annual January rush where I print photo books like mad. My 2011 album of daily photos is done & ordered. Spring Break 2011 ordered. December {2010} Christmas album done. Nick's Europe trip {from 2010} was under the tree. Several more to go . . . 
Digitally organizing:

 Nick transferred two old hard drives to a portable drive we can actually access. I'm culling photos & digital files onto one drive. It's time consuming but rewarding to see all these lost files again.

We've been rearranging furniture & thinking of ways to create a little work space for me. I'm excited for my new idea & just need Nick to get home from his work trip so we can see if it will work out. When the dust settles, we will post an update.

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Poozoe said...

your living room looked sooooo pretty for the holidays! I LOVE the photo of Greta in baby blue, and, in general, you are awesome!