Friday, February 03, 2012

100th Day of School

I'm working on a new computer & don't quite have the setting rights on my color - I'll get that worked out this weekend.
In the meantime, happy 100th day of school! When we were at Target last week during our {third} Target/birthday present run of the month, we picked up some white T-shirts for Charlie & Greta (less than $5 each). I also
As I was brainstorming ideas for their class celebration, I came across these cute T-shirt transfers.

They wore their new shirts to school today for their hat parade. Charlie made a hat with 100 (all clumped together) stars. Greta put 100 butterflies on her hat. I just don't know if there is anything cuter than seeing the smiles on the kinders faces as they marched through the school while the "big kids" stood in the hall cheering for them. 

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