Sunday, April 01, 2012

Put Me In Coach

Spring officially started this weekend. Charlie & Greta had their first T-ball game of the season. 

This was Greta's first year playing and I really wanted her to have fun playing (not just enjoying the post-game snacks). She was grinning from ear to ear during her first at-bat.
The batting helmets run a bit large!

I had my eye on the first base coach.
Greta tried so hard when she was playing first base.
Such a little hustler.
Charlie saw a lot of action as the "pitcher."
He really hustled after those balls too. Considering most of the kids panicked & forgot where first base was (or forgot to run at all), Charlie & Greta's efforts were even more impressive.
The weather was perfect. The winds were low & the kids were so excited!
Can you see Ella hovering in the dugout?
Charlie's New Year Resolution was to hit a home run during the season. The last batter of the inning is the only person allowed to advance more than one base. I'm sure he'll still be thrilled when his moment in the sun arrives.
Between now & the end of school, we have 4 t-ball/softball games a week (plus another few nights of practice). Nick & I will have to split up several nights when we have overlapping games. I know as long as the parents keep bringing awesome snacks, I have two little ones who will maintain a lot of enthusiasm for this sport!

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Monica said...

I love these pictures! Keep up the good work Greta and Charlie!

PS It is so flat and dry there!