Monday, April 23, 2012

Running Man

Nick completed his first half-marathon this weekend. I say first though right now he might say last. Can you see the balloons in the background?

It was a beautifully sunny morning.

The Albuquerque Half Marathon is a great size - about 600 people joined in.

Nick started toward the back.

I think this was the happiest he was all day.

We waited while all the runners came through & then had a picnic breakfast.

The finish line was at a school so the kids kept busy while we waited for Nick to finish. 

Here he is at mile 3 still looking good.  His training regimen started strong. Then, life/work got a bit complicated, the time changed & it was cold running in the morning & he came up with his own program that was probably a bit light on mileage. Add in a bad virus (no running) and a late return flight the night before the race. He had plenty of good excuses to back out, but he didn't.

The winner crossed the finish line in just over an hour. The kids couldn't understand why it took Nick a little longer. Thank goodness they weren't waiting for me to finish.

His iPod died at mile 4.
His hip flexors were not happy.
But, he finished strong with the kids. They didn't take it easy on him - they SPRINTED!

We are really proud of his great effort & commitment. Way to go Nick!

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