Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tea With Anne Shirley

The kids received Christmas money with instructions to use it for a fun outing. I bought tickets to take the kids to see Anne of Green Gables at the Albuquerque Little Theatre. If you are in the Albuquerque area, I highly recommend seeing a production.

We read the book first becuase it was one of Ella's Classic Books for her book club at school. The kids loved the play (I was so impressed with the quality of the performance). The theatre was having a fundraiser. I bought $6 worth of tickets & we won a seat at a tea party. 

Miss Greta was SO excited to be attending. But, we were not expecting the other attendees to be so much older. It was a little intimidating. I was in the same room, but not seated at the table.

My little chatterbox was so shy & quiet I almost didn't recognize her.
The young actresses were so sweet & tried to make her feel comfortable.

The tea was lovely. Greta ate her weight in chocolate covered strawberries. 

She said about 4 words the entire time we were in the tea room. She was ready to leave as soon as she was done eating.

But, as soon as we left the room, she started jabbering excitedly. She could not wait to tell Charlie & Ella about her fabulous adventure. I was so proud of her for sitting by herself & having such great manners.
We will definitely be back to watch Singin' in the Rain later this spring.

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