Monday, May 14, 2012

With Malice Toward None; With Charity For All - Washington, D.C.

I had a work conference in Washington, DC last week. It was a very busy conference, but I did schedule a few hours to sightsee.

 I took my friend Shauna's great advice to take bike tour.

The National Mall is not looking pretty these days - so many construction projects underway. As we stopped at the Washington Monument (can't go inside while earthquake repairs are being made), we noticed A LOT of snipers on surrounding buildings. When we got to the White House, the gates were up pushing people away from the fence line. We decided to hurry along to the next monument.

Washington Monument.
As I was praying this was the status quo in DC, we heard a helicopter over head. Apparently, we missed seeing the President land at the White House by mere minutes.

I don't think I had ever seen the World War II memorial. It was lovely.

My favorite memorial is always the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

I am always surprised by the emotion that this memorial evokes each time I visit.

The Three Soldiers Statute.
I loved biking around & hearing the stories & history from our guide.

Next stop, the Lincoln Memorial. When I signed up for the nighttime bike tour, I thought the monuments would be nearly empty (especially since school isn't out yet).

But, all of the monuments were crowded & our visits & photos had to be timed perfectly between bus tour groups. At least the overcast weather kept our ride cool & humidity free.

I don't remember visiting the Korean War Veterans Memorial before.

It was spooky & strongly implied the struggle our soldiers faced in the difficult terrain of Korea.

The creativity of the different memorials was inspiring. This memorial includes archival images sandblasted in black granite.

As darkness set, the memorials took on an even more majestic presence.

Out of a mountain of despair . . . 

a stone of hope.  The new Martin Luther King Memorial is beautiful & inspiring. And just who is Dr. King staring down?

President Jefferson.

It was very dark by the time we made it to the Roosevelt Memorial. I'd love to revisit during daylight hours & soak in all the symbolism & tributes to our longest serving President.

From the Jefferson Memorial, you can see the White House (the bright spot to the left of the Washington Monument).

One last stop at the Jefferson Memorial & then it was a short bike ride home. Given my long flight, my high heels & suits all week & the sedentary nature of conferences, it felt good to get out & bike. I would highly recommend a bike tour in DC!

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shauna said...

I love that bike tour Krista -- I am so glad you tried it. I love the National Mall -- it makes me miss DC so much. I think my favorite photos are of the new Martin Luther King Memorial. I had no idea the structure was that large - I am very inspired.