Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Artists

Last night, was art night at camp. I was very impressed with the summer creations.

Greta's cactus.

Ella's zen tangle.

Charlie's portfolio.

Ella's crazy cactus.

Charlie's crazy cactus.

Ella's portfolio.

Ella's teacup.

Ella's "room of her own". The party room (disco ball missing & one party goer is unexpectedly passed out on the dance floor - he fell over during transport to the kiln).

The piece de resistance!

Very impressive! The kids have really loved their camp experience this summer. I'll have to post Ella's sewing creations as well. I think the art experience is just what the kids needed after a year of school without art class.

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1 comment:

shauna said...

Wow Krista! What beautiful art objects, and so many of them. I am really imressed at the colors and different media types. What a great camp!!!!!