Monday, August 27, 2012

Egg Heads

We sold our grill before we moved to Albuquerque since our home there had a built-in grill. So, Nick arrived in Colorado grill-less. All of his friends in our NM neighborhood went {new} old school with charcoal grills. For Father's Day, he decided he wanted to buy a charcoal rather than gas grill.
So, last weekend we hit the Egg Fest at one of the local distributors. These are ceramic grills that use some sort of special charcoal that heats up much more quickly than your traditional coals. There were over 20 booths at the event with lots of tasty food.
The classic ribs.
Grilled watermelon (lightly oiled with salt & pepper & served over mixed greens with goat cheese & balsamic vinegar). 
While someone was like a kid in a candy store,
The kids found a way to be entertained.
Ella learned how to move the hula hoop up & down her body. She can jump  & turn around without the hoop touching the ground.
This place knows how to sell grills. The kids were entertained for over an hour while we shopped & sampled food.
The grilled lemonade wasn't done before we left, but it sure looked tasty.

Nick has been a grilling fool since he picked his up. Chicken, burgers, steak, pork, eggplant, and corn so far. 
We are the beneficiaries of all the good food. The kids thought the steaks were the best he had ever made. Nick already has his eye on grilled a Christmas turkey.

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