Thursday, September 06, 2012

Greta's Room

This is Greta's room before we moved in. The pictures were so deceiving. I thought the room looked  dark & tiny. Thank goodness this house was the same floor plan of another house we liked in the neighborhood (the other house was taken off the market). Otherwise, Nick may not have walked through.

Greta is greatly disappointed in her room. Not enough purple. She blames the painters {not Dad} for forgetting to paint the other walls. She picked Hazy Lilac by Benjamin Moore. Another great color/tone. If you want purple walls, this is a good color. I think the room could have handled at least one more purple wall without looking too much like a grape.

I'm thinking of other ways to add some more purple to her walls. She made the butterfly canvas & crayon art in Albuquerque. Her room in ABQ was smaller, I think she could use some bigger pieces on her walls now. 

With the exception of her new pink pig trashcan, Greta's room is a collection of hand-me-down pieces. I had the bookshelf painted white (instead of sea green) before we left. Now that I see her room, I could have  picked a darker color with more contrast. Oh well, who knows what her next color crush will be.

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