Friday, September 28, 2012

Rocky Mountain National Park

We blew off getting house projects done this weekend. It's becoming a trend. On Friday night, a neighbor had a porch party & we learned it was the peak weekend for fall color at Rocky Mountain National Park. It didn't take much convincing to ignore the "to do" list for another week.

After being surrounded by aspen groves in Utah, we were a little underwhelmed with the color in the park.

But, the mountains were magnificent.

We found little pockets of color & took a mile "hike" with the kids. 

No dogs on trails at the park, so furry Rocky was not allowed to play in his namesake park. He didn't seem to mind staying home.
It's mating season for elk and I thought we would see lots of animals (we didn't).

We did see a rafter of turkeys (had to look that up).

We thought we would beat the crowds by getting an early start to in the park. We did beat the crowds because I learned that the best time to watch elk bugling is at twilight. I think next year we will spend the night in the park. 

We heard one bugle in the park but no elk.  We saw three elk as we were driving home. Nick pulled over & caught a picture.  By next year, maybe we will have this figured out!

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