Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Parent-Teacher Conferences

What We Learned:
Charlie likes to break out an English accent at school.
Ella is making more friends than she lets on.
Greta is the classroom mother hen.

When the class traded papers for grading, Charlie tried to give Greta a "2" out of 4 because he did not find her opinions about P.E. very persuasive. Greta was NOT impressed.
Ella is a bookworm. Charlie isn't far behind.
Our little chatterbox is being moved to the noisy table. When the teacher saw the look of panic on our faces, she shrugged & said "Well, I was always taught, 'send a thief to catch a thief'."

The first graders are learning about story composition.  Charlie has an affinity of wrapping up by using "clearly" as his closer.
Ella is a much better writer than she thinks.
Clearly, we are proud of our kiddos & grateful they struck gold with their teachers again this year.

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Poozoe said...

I love it! CLEARLY, you have a lawyer-to-be in Charlie! They are all so great. Life is sweet indeed! xoxo