Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Pumpkin patch

Nick has always missed the pumpkin patch experience with the kids.
So on the way home from Sunday breakfast we decided to stop by a farm & collect our pumpkins.
Rock Creek Farm is a cut-your-own experience. 
The working farm has a lot of other fun activities that we are saving for another visit. 
Today was all about collecting the BEST pumpkins.
We found some true winners! I think Nick made up for all the years he missed picking out pumpkins. What he forgot was that the kids will want to carve all of these soon. We will be up to our eyeballs in pumpkin seeds.
{Imagine my front door with a lovely wreath.} Halloween is in full swing here. The boo baskets are making their way through the neighborhood. The kids have several parties & fall activities this month - they keep our calendars full.

And just when I thought Nick & I were safe to be costume free this year, we discovered there is a neighborhood adult costume party in two weeks. We've got to come up with something respectable quickly!

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