Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Derby Days

Marriage can be interesting once you have kids. Reliving childhood experience as a parent can bring some raw emotions to the forefront.

Charlie entered his first pinewood derby recently. Apparently, Nick's word association with "pinewood derby" is LOSER. He was determined that this car would not come in last in every heat.
The orange banana in all her glory.
As you can see, the boys went all out with the style section.

One glance at the competition and it was pretty clear that Charlie wasn't winning a ribbon for the car decoration. 

They have already put in a request for special paint for next year.

Charlie's car raced in 4 heats.

Look at her go! 

According, to Charlie, he took two 3rd places and two 2nd places in his heats.

I don't know who was more excited - Nick or Charlie. The curse had been broken!

My favorite part of the day was watching 75 boys dance Gangnam Style.  Of course, Charlie sat the whole time, focused on the track, waiting to see if he won a ribbon or a medal (despite the fact that he never won a race).

I know this looks like a totally normal smile, but Charlie is fighting back tears because he didn't bring home a medal or ribbon. And so the "curse" of the next generation begins.  Charlie will look back on his childhood and only remember the pain of not bringing home the glory and step up his game. In 5 generations maybe the family will win one these things.
Charlie very proudly told everyone that he designed his car with his Dad and Grandpa. Nick will have several attempts at perfection next year as the girls have declared their intent to enter cars in the family category. Time to start scouring pinterest for ideas!

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