Friday, January 18, 2013

First Friday Las Vegas

I am always on the lookout for great kid-friendly Las Vegas activities.

When I saw an article for First Friday Las Vegas - an art festival that is billed as "family friendly," I thought we should check it out.

They had a nice kid area with teenagers playing cover songs the kids new, activities the kids could join and, perhaps most importantly, a port-o-potty. Here, the girls are helping to decorate a rug for the local boys & girls club.

There were some things that we loved about the event. The live music - it's not everyday you hear a string duet go to town on Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. 
There were also signs that we were still in Vegas - some of the art studios had a very strong pot smell. There were lots of unsupervised teenagers (when did they become so scary) using inappropriate language and a few of the vendors were a bit racy (I didn't see one crochet booth that are so ubiquitous at the Mormon craft fairs Jessica & I used to love). We were glad Grandma decided to stay home, but the kids had fun.

Some of our favorite booths were the hat maker and this guy & his funky furniture.  The kids were ready to redecorate.

We may a cardinal mistake - we ate Grandpa's amazing meatballs before coming to the festival. The food trucks looked & smelled so good! This fire engine has a built in oven!

The kids wanted desert so we decided to try deep friend cookie dough & deep friend s'more. Nick favored the cookie dough while the girls & I preferred the s'more. Charlie was disgusted by the whole thing & wouldn't try either one. This from the kid who refuses to eat anything green. Loved the owners of this booth. Very nice people.

So, would we go back? I think if we were in town during the summer, we would go early {while still light} & enjoy a lovely dinner & live music.

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