Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

This is such a bittersweet time of year. I'm sad that the holidays are over, but excited about the newness of the year, a fresh beginning with lofty goals and expectations.

New Year's Eve started out uneventful. Nick & I were working & the kids were off playing so Rocky took his first nap in a week.

I had planned a quiet evening at home with the family and had just ordered Chinese food when my neighbor invited us over "for a few hours."  This was the best I could do with a posed picture on my cell phone. One pre-teen texting on the couch.

The east coast countdown arrived suddenly.
The kids all seemed to be doing well so we thought we would try out a new game. (Everyone wore a mustache to the party but only Charlie failed to wipe his off by this time).
And, suddenly, it was two hours later and we were ready for the real countdown.

Our Greek friends arrived with the Vasilopita. Guess who found the lucky coin? For some reason (too much wine?) we thought it would be Ok to have another round of games (and another bottle of wine). At 1:30 the party was finally over, we all scurried home.

Yesterday was spent sleeping in taking down holiday decorations.  The home is clean but a little barren now.
The kids still have 6 more days of vacation, but its back to reality for me.

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