Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday: Week 1

As I was going through my junk mail this weekend, I came across an email for an 8 week super challenge.  It was expensive and I wasn't really sure what was included, but it promised you could lose up to 30 pounds in 8 weeks.

I didn't pay for it, but I liked the idea of an 8 week challenge. It's the New Year, why not have a little public accountability to start off on the right foot. I mean, we've implemented some dietary tweaks and I've got the exercise component down so why not try to push a little harder.

So, for the next 7 Mondays, I will post updates on our "new year, new us" progress.
Here goes week 1.

My neighbor is a USANA rep. Back at our December holiday party, several of the women were talking about doing the RESET program in January. Apparently, the its a yearly tradition for many people.  Go hard in December, pay the piper in January.  I decided to join in.

The Good:
The program is based on the premise of keeping your blood sugar level all day long - several low glycemic "meals" throughout the day. By the end of the five day program, you should have less carbohydrate cravings.

The Bad:
You are drinking your meals for 5 days (plus granola bars for snacks and unlimited veggies). Totally doable, but I don't know I could keep the dinner shakes up for much longer!

The Ugly:
The average weight loss on the RESET program is 4.5 pounds. I lost two.  Of course, it is only 5 days and weight just doesn't come off me very fast.  I'm still very happy I did this program. Day 2 was the toughest (headaches which apparently mean I was detoxing), but I do feel like the program eliminated cravings and helped me mentally prepare for a great week 2.

What changes are you making for the new year?

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