Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Chinese New Year

The cleanse ladies said when you clean up your diet, you can feel the urge to clean up your surroundings too.
photo by Greta

The kids & I have been on a power purge recently (Nick did a big clothing purge when we moved out AND when we moved in).  Despite the fact that we have only lived in this house 6 months and did a massive purge before and after the move, I still found a huge lawn garbage bag of trash, a huge pile of recyclables, four overflowing laundry hampers of items to donate and oodles of missing socks in the kids rooms. Where does this stuff come from?

Today was donation pick up day.  It always feels good to move things along to a new home, doesn't it? 

I also recently redeemed my groupon Junk King purchase for a pick up of a few items that didn't survive the move. Photo not available but imagine a 7 foot tall armoire in 16 pieces sitting in the garage.

The Chinese New Year's Day is February 10, 2013. I was very happy to learn that you should purge your home before the new year rid your home of those items that block good feng shui.  For once, I am ahead of the game.

I'm thinking of three other corners of the house to tackle before Sunday. The thought of having a clean sparkling home to start the "new year" sounds amazing (especially since I did not get this done before the start of the traditional new year).

Bring on a great year!

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