Thursday, March 21, 2013

Barr Lake

I joined the cub scouts on a hike last weekend.

It was our first visit to Barr Lake State Park.

Spring has not quite arrived yet.

We were scouting for bald eagles - last year they had over 60 nesting in the park. They are expecting eaglets next month and we were looking for nests.

We were running late, so I didn't bring a telephoto lens, but you can kind of see the herd of deer running from our noisy den.

I found some cheap binoculars that were perfect for our nest-spotting adventure. I have no idea how, after one use, they are covered in sand.
Despite spending 20 years in the midwest, I had never seen a squirrels nest.

It was a windy adventure, but pretty awesome to see the boys having fun & exploring.

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