Friday, March 15, 2013

Beaver Creek Ski Resort

Last month, we stayed two nights in Beaver Creek. It was so pretty.

At the resort, there was no warm up, Nick threw me right under the bus. The first few runs were not pretty. 

I mean, look at how steep it is! We were up high. The lowest point of the day was about 20 minutes in. I had just wiped out and I was being heckled by a bunch of 12 year olds on the lift above me. I was ready to quit.
Thankfully, Nick kept encouraging me and eventually it got better. The french fries at lunch didn't hurt.
It isn't a cheap place to eat.  Even though we packed our lunches, we still paid over $20 for 2 french fries & a beer for Nick. Though, the twins were so frustrated & hungry by lunch time I think the fries were a necessary part of the learning curve. We are still learning to manage blood sugar levels with the twins. They are ready for snacks much earlier than everyone else.

The kids were super happy that the resort passes out cookies at the end of the day. It was a great end to the day.
Having a rental close to the resort was great. We all took warm showers, I washed the ski clothes & we settled in for dinner in the hotel room. It was a two bedroom extended-stay type hotel. So there was plenty of room for sleeping, eating & playing games. 
It was great to just spend time together as a family, laughing, talking and making the kids promise never to laugh at old ladies who fall in the snow while learning to ski.

Day two was super snowy. You can't drive to the resort, but we could catch the shuttle just outside the hotel.

Nick & Ella went off skiing on their own while I took the twins on the bunny hill. They refused to ride the lift with me (or Nick).

In hindsight, we should have spent an hour on the bunny hill on the first day. After a few runs, I felt strong, in control and ready to rock. 


Anonymous said...

You guys are such a neat family. I love reading about your adventures and all the fun bonding times you have. I admire your family a lot!

shauna said...

I love this trip! I love the ski-run called "Powell" -- perfect for you. Perhaps a Christmas Card? Glad you had fun!