Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Our Little Ballers

Though the grass isn't very green yet

and the snow keeps coming, 

soccer season has officially started.

With their late birthdays, the twins have it easy for another year.

Small fields, no goalies, games at the same location (which was great last weekend when Charlie & Greta had games at the same time). I doubt they will be scoring as many goals next year.
It's a little tougher in Ella's division.  And no, she isn't playing with much older girls - she is just very short.

Ella's team fended off the wind & ominous skies last weekend. With spring break, the team didn't have enough players to make any substitutions.  

But, these girls are tough!

We are expecting one more snow storm soon - hopefully it melts quickly so her practice field can stay open. 

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