Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Uncle K came into town to accompany us on our first ski of the season. While the snow was a bit lacking, it was an absolutely beautiful weekend. Cold, but sunny.
I didn't take many photos while skiing. Taking pictures is a surprisingly slow process while skiing and as the slowest skier in the group, I didn't want to fall even farther behind.
It was a great first few days on the mountain. I didn't even need a visit to the bunny slope this year. After a few runs, we were feeling comfortable on skis again. The runs never look as steep from the bottom as they do from the top. But, trust me, I was pretty impressive on the skis this weekend.
I loved that Vail wasn't too crowded (at least on Sunday) and that the runs were nice & wide. The only issue we had was when we were coming down the mountain on Saturday. EVERYONE came down at once & a few snowboarders barreled through the kids practice area and nearly took us out. Other than that, we give the resort two thumbs up - they even found Charlie's lost helmet, gloves & goggles and mailed them to us.
Despite what you read in the national news, Colorado isn't over run with marijuana (and you can't use food stamps to purchase marijuana). 
It hasn't stopped snowing since he left, but the temperatures have dropped significantly. I think he picked a perfect weekend to visit. The kids loved having one-on-one ski time with Nick & Kevin (and especially loved wearing his GoPro camera down the slopes).

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