Sunday, March 02, 2014

Good Times Adventures

My favorite adventure last month was our dog sled ride. We mushed at Good Times Adventures in Breckenridge. 
We didn't have a blue sky day, but I think the dogs preferred it that way. Those dogs run hot! 
We got to visit with our team before the ride began and quickly discovered that each dog on our team had its own personality.
There was Sleepy.
and Happy.
Usually, a team of 8 dogs pulls a little sled with a rider and a driver. We had a large group of 7. On our 45 minute tour, we each had a few minutes to drive the sleigh and sit as a passenger. I would highly recommend selecting a tour company that lets you drive the sled. The kids really had fun with that. It was cold (its a passive activity), but so pretty riding back through the forest.
The huskies are an interesting breed. They have such thick coats, the dogs live outside even in the coldest days of winter. Whenever the sleigh stopped, the dogs started rolling in the snow. They were certainly happiest when running! After they were harnessed, all of the teams were madly barking until they were given the signal to run. 
I know March usually means "spring". But, we are learning that here in Colorado, we shouldn't expect for another 6-8 weeks. So, here's to finding more snowy adventures that bring a smile to soul.


Poozoe said...

Beautiful photos! Those pups are so gorgeous...what a fun adventure.

Unknown said...

That's awesome! Especially the dogs are so cute and friendly I have never been to any winter activities like this but want to spend my vacation in this wonderful Dog Sledding Breckenridge, Zip Line, Sleigh Rides and many more. I am also excited to visit this adventurous place in Colorado.