Sunday, May 04, 2014

Service Project

Well, I didn't even make it a week with the daily blogging challenge. This weekend has been a whirlwind. In only 9 short very long hours, Ella & her girl scout partner transformed a city bench from this:

to this:

The girls created the Colorado design on their own & did 99% of the work themselves. I am very proud that they kept working even when we were all tired & just wanted to be done. Even supervising this project was exhausting! As of this morning, the girls completed all the hours for their Bronze Award.  Ella has two more meetings over the next week & she will have all her requirements done. She has worked hard over the last two years and we are very proud that her journey is complete.

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J&K said...

so glad to see the target hat is getting some wear! she did a great job with the bench wish we had cool projects like that in girl scouts

J&K said...

So happy to see the target hat getting some wearings. Love the project and they did a great job, wish we'd cool projects like this when I did girl scouts.