Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tokyo - Harajuku

I wasn't expecting to like Tokyo because a friend who recently returned said she couldn't wait to get away from all the people & chaos. But I really loved the city. After being in Hong Kong, it didn't feel crowded or too big. The streets were clean, the skies were blue, people were nice and the food was amazing.
We only visited a few of the many neighborhoods in Tokyo, but we enjoyed them all. Our first neighborhood, just steps away from Meiji Shrine, was Harajuku. 
The girls would have loved the shopping & fashion.

Harajuku is famous for their crepe desserts. It was tough to convince Nick he should try one for the sake of experiencing the local culture.

Our first restaurant, the staff did not speak English. But, they helped us use the fancy vending machines to order our meal. You put in the money, press your selection & then give your token to the staff.
We ate a lot of ramen this week. But, it was so tasty!
We made one last Harajuku run before heading to the airport. It was the perfect spot to grab some additional gifts for the kids.

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