Thursday, November 20, 2014

Week in the Life

I recently completed my fourth Week in the Life photo journaling experience. My intention is for the project to be a in-depth look at our lives for one week. Seeing how our lives change year-to-year as the kids grow older is really rewarding to me.

Traditionally, I have done the project as an 8.5X11 size. All four years fit in one album and I love being able to flip through all the stories in one album. The kids get a kick out of it too.
This year, Ali offered a kit where your project would be housed in a separate album. Seeing her work-in-progress makes me wish I had gone that route. But, from experience, I know that I can complete this project because I keep it simple.  I ended up using an older template for the base that I purchased before her 8.5X11 option was available. You can see 2010/2013 pages here and my 2012 pages here

Though this is an activity you could do on your own at any time, I prefer to do it with a virtual support group. So, I've followed Ali Edward's dates (which is why I skipped 2011 when we were on vacation). I didn't realize that this year would fall on an incredibly busy work week for me. At the end of the week, I had only a fraction of the number of photos that I would typically take during a single day of this project. But, I made it work - mixing photos from different days to still tell the story of our week.

I kept embellishments minimal this year. On the left is what my image looks like printed.  On the right is a (not well lighted) photo of what the finished page looks like. I added one to two embellishments per daily spread. 

With the white background, the pages look a little off center, but in the album, they look great.

I added numbers to the kids photos to reflect their current age. Charlie refused to get a haircut during soccer season, so he's a bit shaggier than usual.

Friday was Halloween. This was such a crazy year, I didn't even get a single group shot of the kids in costumes.

Less photos and journaling than I had planned for the week, but I'm still happy with what I pulled together.

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Poozoe said...

Your pages look so great!!