Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Weekend of Firsts

Wow! What a weekend. We were invited to our FIRST party of the year. A "surprise" 40th birthday party for our dear friend Karen. I am always so energized and motivated after I talk with Karen - we were thrilled to be included in her celebration! Cary mentioned that their girls would be at the party and I briefly considered bringing our crew along. Instead, the babies had their FIRST babysitter. Little did we know it would be such a memorable FIRST night out. Sarah was one of Ella's favorite teachers of the infant/toddler program and currently tends for the twins. We were one of the FIRST guests to arrive (one other couple had come up to help them set-up) so Nick & I were happy to have some time to visit with the guest of honor before the other guests arrived. Within 15 minutes of our arrival, the condo management came to annouce that we would be locked down for the night. No one was allowed to go come or go. There is a 1/2 mile stretch that surrounds the condo that was closed due to high winds and snow. I then had my FIRST panic attack of the night quickly followed by a FIRST glass of wine. Luckily, Sarah had things under control at home and Jessica & Kiyah were willing to spend the night with the kids (our FIRST of many "thank-you's"). We had a great evening visiting with the Pitrowski's and their good friends (no one else made it before the roads were closed). We enjoyed visiting with the Pitrowski's and their beautiful girls and loved their friends. We couldn't have selected a better group of people for our Gilligan's Island experience.

I spoke with Ella and told her that Jessie would be taking care of her that night. She was concerned that we were going to be cold, but was reassured after Jessica told her that Karen would let us stay with them. It's a good thing - Nick's car thermometer said it was 4° when we started home this morning.

Charlie & Greta did their best to ensure they would never have cousins by getting their Uncle up at 4:30 for an unscheduled feeding (they have been sleeping through the night for the last month).

We came home to our FIRST deer tracks in the driveway which helps explain why Hogan was such a pain for Jessica.

Since Greta has been diving for food at the table, we decided to give the twins their FIRST taste of solid food - delicious watery rice cereal. Greta wasn't too impressed, but Charlie appeared to be trying to eat.

We are happy to be home this evening! Happy to have such good friends to spend time with, extrememly happy to have such a wonderful family to help when we are stranded unprepared in the mountains and happy to have our own bed tonight!

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