Monday, February 19, 2007

Topsy Turvey Tummies

Yesterday, we had beautiful 60° weather. Today, we woke up to several inches of snow. It's not fair! We did our best building a snowman with Ella this afternoon as the sun was going down. We don't have any small rocks or buttons, so we improvised!

As Ella & Dad put the finishing touches on their masterpiece, I went in to check on the twins. Charlie woke up ready to eat. He had kept all his food down all day, so I was thinking about whether I should keep him home tomorrow. At that point, Greta decided to join the party. At least they will both drink the pedialyte. But, poor Charlie is still so hungry. I hope Greta recovers more quickly than her brother. Given our luck, Ella will get sick just as Greta starts to kick this nasty bug.

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