Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Tricks

Ella has been very proud that she can write her name. Most of the time she even writes in the correct direction! You can't see, but she chose a different color crayon for each letter.
Greta's new trick isn't quite so nice. I am beginning to think she might be the one we need to watch the most closely. Her new favorite thing is to take Charlie's pacifier out of his mouth. Nick had them on their bedroom floor while he made some bottles and rushed into the room after he heard Charlie crying loudly. Greta had taken his pacifier and rolled away from him. She doesn't even use a pacifier. Yesterday, while Charlie was recovering from yet another unfortunate disagreement with his stomach, Greta took it again. So much for trying to keep her away from the germs.
Charlie is still battling this bug. We have him on lactose-free formula now which isn't helping that much. He ate some mashed bananas last night. Hopefully that will help settle his stomach.

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