Thursday, March 15, 2007

Daylight Savings Time

We took advantage of the extra light at night to try out the new stroller. Charlie looks so little in it. Although it was supposed to be for the twins, Ella loves it. Greta didn't mind being strapped to Mom for the walk. After a few more 60° days, the snow has melted from the front yard. Hopefully the warm weather will hold (though they say cold weather and rain will return next week).

The ladies at the kids' school said that Greta now refuses to let them hold her bottle. She has demanded her independence (and won). Not a good sign for us during her teenage years. I think she does it to show off for Charlie since she can have her bottle while he waits for us to help feed him. He still won't touch his bottle, so yesterday Greta held hers with one hand and looked at him coyly while he cried for us to hurry with his dinner.

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