Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Everybody loves a parade! We met our friends Bill & Kari at the St. Patrick's Day parade this morning. Their twins are 2 weeks older than Charlie & Greta. Nate & Hayden are two cute "little" boys. Seeing them reaffirmed our suspicion that our twins didn't get any height from Dad's side of the family. We haven't seen them since last August (when we were both families of 3!). We had a fun visit comparing notes and ideas - especially in view of upcoming travel plans with our big families!
It was a small parade, but it was fun seeing our friends marching with their "clan," supporting the local Bassett Hound Rescue program and as a Shriner's clown. Ella had a lot of fun with her new friend Noah and is already asking when he can come over to play again.
Let's hope the beautiful weather holds for next week!
I am having problems uploading photos, so we will add more later.
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