Saturday, March 31, 2007

When Greta Attacks

Ella has had a tough week being reminded about how to act around the babies - like how we don't put golf clubs in Greta's crib (no matter how much it seems like she wants it). I heard her today talking in her room "We don't throw things at the babies heads because they don't move out of the way very well." With the babies becoming more interactive everyday, she forgets that they can't move or catch anything yet. She is also having a hard time remembering that the babies will reach out and grab anything in front of them. After months of Ella teasing them with items that are dangled in their face, the babies are fighting back. Greta is especially adept (and strong) at holding you down with one hand and grabbing what she wants. She took a cupcake from me on Ella's birthday and just before Ella's birthday party, she grabbed (and broke) Ella's ladybug antenna throwing Ella into a mini-crisis. We tried to get some video of Ella making Greta laugh. Ella took over taping and kept holding the camera very close to Greta. Click HERE to see the results.

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