Friday, April 06, 2007

Before & After



Nick took Hogan to get a haircut today. He looks like a lollipop. Big head, skinny little body. As Ella said "He used to be kind of fat, but now he's not." Jessica is worried he is going to be ridiculed by the other dogs at the kennel next week. Luckily, Hogan is pretty clueless to the way that other's react to him. I am sure he will be happy not to have his heavy coat this summer.
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Monica said...

Okay, he looks cuter than I thought (the spotting/coloring on his coat helps him avoid the drowned rat look so many shaved dogs fall victim to), he actually pretty darn cute, but he looks like he weighs about 10 lbs! He looks like a tiny little lap dog in those pictures, I think because his ears look so big without his fur! But forever a cutie.