Sunday, April 08, 2007

Off To The Races (Video Link)

I can't get google to cooperate and post our video on the blog, so you'll have to follow THIS link. We were able to capture Greta commando crawling across the floor. Charlie is really doing well sitting up, rocking & moving backward. Everyone had a busy weekend. Nick took the kids on Friday since the school was closed. They were busy running errands, playing baseball and other imporant things. We had friends over Saturday night which was fun. We are slowly starting to entertain after last year when I was too tired. This morning Ella woke up ready to see whether the Easter Bunny hid her basket. She had a busy day and then we went to our friends' home for a divine dinner. We have three exhausted children! Ella asked for some music as she fell asleep, but said she didn't want "Baby Ants." I wasn't familiar with that song, so I said "This is the Beatles for Babies music that you like to fall asleep to." "No Mom" she said "That's the one I don't want." I hadn't thought of the confusing association between the British Invasion and bugs.

We'll post our Easter Egg hunt photos tomorrow. Happy Easter!

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