Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Swing, Batter

Ella's new favorite spring activity is baseball with Dad. She is getting pretty good. Hogan, Ella & Nick have made several exciting runs down the street to retrieve a ball she hit "out of the park." And, several times we have been happy that it was only a wiffle ball that hit our window.

The babies did their best to give me more gray hair today. When I was in the shower, I heard a thump that I assumed was Ella jumping out of our bed. But, when I went into the nursery, Greta was on the floor next to Ella. Thankfully, she was fine (just annoyed there was no breakfast waiting). I couldn't figure out what happened & wondered all day whether Ella helped her out. The daycare told me that she has started propelling herself into this little soft playpen they have. Tonight, the twins were on the floor in their room when Ella & I were putting away their laundry. I saw Greta crawl over to the laundry basket & put her hands on like she wanted to pull herself up. Before I knew it, Greta had pulled herself up to her knees. Then she pulled herself up to a standing position. And then I knew how she got out of her crib. We lowered her crib to the absolute lowest position tonight. Hopefully we have a little respite before we have to build a cage over the top of her crib. Charlie also took a tumble, but was thankfully OK too.

We will be making a trip to Babies-R-Us this weekend to baby-proof the house.
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