Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Talented Babies

Greta is now sitting up on her own, but at times she is a little wobbly. She is a champion crawler and is trying to pull herself up on the furniture. She will crawl as fast as she can across the room to see Hogan. As you can see by the bump on her forehead, she is still running into things. Greta has also become an impressive eater and out-eats her brother at dinner every night.

We had a talk with Ella about the many reasons why we don't pull our sister by her legs across the carpet (no matter how much Greta likes it). The rug burn has now turned into a little scab which is very obvious given Greta's lack of appreciable hair.

Charlie is so proud of his ability to get from a prone position to a sitting position. When I get him in the morning, he is sitting up in his crib, smiling proudly at me. His teachers said that he spends most of the day at school sitting up and looking like he thinks he is so cool. Since, this is one of the first "tricks" he has mastered before his sister (he also likes to clap his hands), we are letting him bask in the glory. This evening, I went back into the nursery after I put the twins down & I found that Charlie had positioned himself at the front of his crib so that his mobile was in front of him. He was sitting up and playing the dangling toys. We are definitely past-due for lowering the mattress. Charlie has also started to crawl forward. He is not as graceful as Greta, but he is determined. When he gets really excited by something (like the surpringly tempting diaper wipes), he throws both arms over his head, like he is swimming the butterfly stroke, and then wiggles his lower body to propel himself forward.

We are trying to get Ella excited about starting a new school this summer. They have a summer camp and when I told this to Ella, she gleefully exclaimed "Yeah, I can look for bears!" Then I had to break the news that we weren't sending a four-year-old to an overnight camp in the woods. We are happy that at least three other children she knows will also be attending camp this summer and we are hopeful that Ella is in class with at least one of them this fall. I think that she must have picked up on Nick and me talking about the school because when I mentioned it to her today she asked if it was the school that taught Spanish. When I said yes, she said "Well, I already know most of it" and then counted to 10 in Spanish. I think she is ready to guide us through a trip to Spain.

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