Monday, May 21, 2007

Antelope Island

Charlie clapping & Greta making funny faces. A typical photo attempt these days.

We took a trip to Antelope Island this weekend. We enjoyed a picnic lunch at the Ranch while Ella tried to lasso some cattle. Three burrowing owls were nesting nearby (& Ella said they were her favorite part of the day). She had a wildlife count 7 buffalo, 15 antelope, 3 owls, 8 horses, 1 bunny, 1 lizard and lots of birds. It was a spectacular sight! The twins enjoyed the picnic and being able to crawl on the grass. Nick & I have bug bites that remind me of summer's in Indiana, but we haven't seen any on the kids yet. While we were at the beach, someone (rudely in my opinion) apparently said something to her friend about why we made Ella wear a dress (her son repeated the conversation as we walked toward them). From her comments, I guess she was concerned that Ella had to be careful not to get her clothes dirty. We can't get Ella to wear anything but dresses or skirts (technically, she is wearing a leotard to bed tonight). I've started buying inexpensive dresses whenever I find them. At $1.50, this dress is officially a suitable "play outfit."

Next time, we will pack binoculars for Ella & more food for the twins. Even though we feed them first, they still like to have food to eat (i.e., play with) while the rest of the family eats. Poor Ella had to guard her lunch box. All of her food looked so enticing to the twins. She kept telling them that she had been with them all day & needed some time alone, but they wouldn't listen. The sliced apples finally pacified them. They had their first Cheerios last night. It amazes me how universally loved they are. Greta is getting good at picking up the little pieces. Charlie tries, but ends up wearing more of his.
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