Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good Golly Miss Greta

While Charlie fights off this bug, Greta has been passing some impressive milestones. Her mobility is about to take off. She will stand in the middle of the room without anything to pull her up. When she is standing next to something, she often takes both of her hands off. Yesterday, she & Charlie were standing next to their music center when Greta raised both hands above her head, screamed & swooped her hands down to steal Charlie's pacifier from his mouth. You can imagine what Charlie had to say.

At school, they said she has said her first word "dancing." We haven't heard that, but she is trying hard to communicate. They claim Ella's first words were "Holy Cow!" but we never heard anything so complicated come out of her mouth. Greta is much better at drinking from a sippy cup, but we are giving Charlie a break since he is feeling so lousy. Greta blows kisses goodnight & waves hello. Charlie prefers to nod to acknowledge your presence.

Last night, the air conditioner shut off. So, the heat is on this morning as they try to fix it. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it gets fixed before the houseful of guests arrive tonight.

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