Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mission Impossible

As I was looking at Ella's photos from this weekend, it reminded me of photos we took 3 (?!) years ago. Clifford is a bit faded & Ella is a lot taller! The bottom photo reminds me of Charlie (he likes to dangle his paci & leg just like that).

We were beginning to feel like Ella was at CIA training camp. After hours of interrogation, she still wouldn't reveal any secrets from her new school. Every answer was "I just forgot" or "I don't remember." But, tonight we had a break through. We were coloring in her room when she told us about Lily's nosebleed. When we asked who Lily was, she got a huge smile & said she was a new friend. We then learned that there are 2 Rowan's, 2 Sophia's, & 1 Finley. And then the floodgates opened & we heard about playing "lollyball" (this awesome game where you put your hands up in the air & hit a ball over a net), air guitar, soccer, basketball, jump rope, hopscotch & a picnic at the park. Bun Bun the bunny roams through the classroom (he feels like a cat) & she thinks that Miss Jen or Miss Kate feeds him. She "worked" on puzzles & played with a train in the classroom. It was a good day (but she still wants to stay home with her grandmas on Friday).

Poor Charlie is still fighting off this bug. I hope he is up for some socializing this weekend.
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