Monday, June 18, 2007

Summertime Fun

Ella survived her first day of school (barely to hear her tell it). She was the first of her friends to arrive and was a bit hesitant being in a room of kids she didn't know. The teacher was great at getting her to play. When her friend Hope arrived, Ella gave her a hug & the girls held hands while the teacher read them a book. When her friend Noah arrived, the girls were on the playground and quickly welcomed him & wasted no time ordering him around. Noah's aunt works at the school so we were happy to receive an update that they kids were having fun playing (& fawning over Noah). I am glad to have so many friends giving us reports, because Ella said she doesn't want to go back. Change is tough! They have their first field trip tomorrow which is always a fun thing.

Poor Charlie has another ear infection (or maybe the same one). He is on tougher antibiotics which can't be fun. He made it all winter & has been really hit hard over the last week.
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