Sunday, July 01, 2007

10 Months Old

What fun it has been to watch two distinct personalities develop in Greta & Charlie. While Charlie has an easy-go-lucky side, he is also sensitive and clings to Nick & me more than Greta. Greta has emerged as the loud & often dominant twin. We'll see if that changes as they get older. Charlie continues to enjoy making noise & listen to music. He will bob his head, shrug his shoulders & bounce with his knees to any music he hears. He has just started waving. Nick thinks Charlie will be our climber. He is quiet, quick & silly. When he gets frustrated, he sits back on his knees & puts his forehead on the ground. He has a laugh that sounds like Hogan's squeaky toys. He loves to eat food, but is still so small! Charlie's hair is still stuck in the awkward growing out stage (just like Hogan).

Greta loves blowing kisses & waving. She makes one sign (for milk) & uses it for everything! Although, sometimes when she is tired, she will start blowing kisses so that someone puts her to bed (very helpful!). She is very vocal & "talks" in the car and in her crib. She likes to stand up & turn on her mobile in her crib. When you come in her room, she quickly puts her head on the mattress like she is hiding from you. She LOVES to swim and will kick her legs in the water. She can stand without holding onto support and loves walking when you hold her hand. Ella will hold out her hand, Greta will take it & have the biggest, proudest look on her face as she marches down the hall! She likes to snort & giggle at Hogan and Ella.

Both twins get jealous if we are holding the other. If one crawls into your lap, it is a matter of minutes before the other one appears (even if they were being held by the other parent). They still adore Ella & Hogan. Their favorite places in the house are Ella's room & Hogan's water bowl.
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