Sunday, July 01, 2007

Raft For The Cure

Can you see Tom Cruise hanging from the side of this cliff (apparently the cinematographer in Mission Impossible did not use a disposable camera to film this scene)?

Happy smiles from Lora & Jessica
Jessica & I spent Saturday with 250 of our closest friends in Moab, Utah for the first annual Raft For the Cure. Jessica managed to collect enough friends to fill a boat (Lora invited some great new people (to us) along). I liked knowing everyone in the boat. Pam (Jessica's cross country wedding chaperone) drove with us. Jessica's friend Peggy (who walked Race for the Cure with us) and her son Doug also joined us. Lora's friends Gina & Matt drove in from Denver & her friends Tracie & Trevell came down from Salt Lake. What a fun bunch!
We had a great time floating down the Colorado River. I would not call it "white water" rafting, but the water felt great & it was really fun to float beside the boat. Getting back into the boat was a bit clumsy. The scenery was unbelievable & despite 107 degree temperature, we were comfortable on the river. Most of our friends stayed through Sunday & toured Arches National Park or other surrounding sites. We are planning to take the family down this fall when the temperatures cool. Next spring Ella will be old enough to come along this portion of the river which would be fun. It would also be great if we could figure out a way for Jessica & I to get the guys on the more advanced parts of the river (a baby(dog)sitting issue, not a fear issue on the part of Kevin & Nick (or so they say)).

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