Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Butlerville Days

We met the Sikorskis at Butlerville Days tonight for Pioneer Day holiday. It's state holiday that is more of an annoyance than anything in my opinion. The rest of the world is working, so Nick & I had to work, but parts of the town (like Ella's school & the UPS store I tried to go to this morning) are closed. Cottonwood Heights (the town neighboring us) throws a fun neighborhood festival. Luckily, Kari brought her camera! I came with all the kids & Nick met us after work. I was afraid of managing the camera in case the twins hit a rough spot. Everyone was delightful this evening. Greta & Charlie met Nate & Hayden for the first time since March. It will be fun (crazy) when all 4 are walking.
Ella, Noah & his cousin Keiran had a fabulous time playing on the carnival "rides," getting balloon animals & eating watermelon. Ella even learned how to spit the seeds!
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