Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cry Me A River

Charlie's new way of expressing displeasure is to throw his body dramatically to the floor in anguish. This happens when we offer him a toy instead of the bottle he wanted or when we offer him food when he really wanted something else. Apparently he thinks that these little fits are more effective than doing the baby signs that Greta is using. He always throws his head to the ground when Greta (or Ella) take a toy from him. He even tries this when he is buckled in his stroller & Greta takes his paci. At school, Charlie threw himself to the ground after Greta took something & he bonked his head on the ground leaving nasty bruise. The next time Greta took his toy, his teachers said he quickly crawled to the play mats before throwing himself to the ground. Nice to know he's a quick learner at something!
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