Sunday, July 29, 2007


We saw this picture in Ella's babybook recently. At 10 months, Ella started climbing into the chair by herself. It's a chair that I had as a child, though it won't last through another generation. Ella won't listen that she is now too heavy for the chair & it is starting to fall apart. I was surprised that the twins hadn't started climbing into the chair & a bit concerned that they were too far behind Ella in developmental milestones. But, the chair is downstairs & the twins are usually upstairs.
Yesterday, they were in the basement with us. I put both twins in the chair & told them they looked so big. They both got big smiles on their faces. We moved on & I was playing with Charlie while Greta worked on trying to capture the Barbies that Ella was playing with. Jessica called to me & I looked over to see Greta STANDING on the chair looking very proud. No pictures were taken during the rescue mission. I think we are so focused on keeping up with everyone that we are missing some of the milestones that Ella passed!

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