Monday, August 27, 2007

It's All About the Swings

We started out last Wednesday & drove about 6 1/2 hours to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Nick remembered staying here as a kid & thought it would be a good location. After snack time, we coated everyone in sunscreen & headed for the pool. Bucking stereotypes, Charlie loved the pool & would have stayed longer than either Ella or Greta. Ella didn't like how salty the water was (from the water softener) and Greta got hungry. We concluded Charlie liked that the water was heated by the underground hot springs. Nick & I dipped our toes in the hot water, but the kids obviously didn't go in the warmer pool.
Before we left home, Nick scoffed at my suggestion that we order room service that evening. So, we got everyone changed & headed to dinner. The beer was very good, but we really didn't get to enjoy much of the food. After 5 minutes, Greta & Charlie decided they had been restrained enough & loudly demanded that they be released from their high chairs. For a little one, Greta has an amazing reach. No matter how far away something was placed on the table, she could reach it. We finally gave up & released everyone in the hotel room to play.
We had planned to take everyone swimming on Thursday morning before breakfast, but it was a bit too chilly & Ella wasn't up for it. So, we drove another 3 hours to Broomfield to meet the Santoro's & Nina & Grandpa. It was a beautiful drive through Colorado ski country. We were surprised how little the towns looked compared to Park City (& how close everything was to the highway). After naps & a rain storm, the crew headed to a nearby park.
Ella was so excited to see Nina again! She was in heaven with Nina & Charlotte taking turns pushing her on the swing.

The twins took their first swing rides. Bucking stereotype once again, Charlie LOVED the swings. Greta was a bit unsure of her balance, but we saw some big smiles from her as well. A rain storm blew threw & cooled everything down.

Nina & Charlotte were so happy that Charlie & Greta warmed up so quickly this visit. I think one more visit & the twins will start remembering their faces. Nina is convinced that Greta was saying her name by the end of the visit!
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